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$JIMN is the core to all utilities on JimmyNeutronGame

JIMN Tokenomics

How $JIMN Token Empowers the JIMN Ecosystem

JIMN Ecosystem

  • Staking

    NFT staking refers to locking up non-fungible tokens on a wallet

    automatic rewards for nft holders.

  • Earning

    You can stake JIMN NFT to earn $JIMN tokens and NFT holders gain access to exclusive benefits offered by JIMN

    JIMN is used within the game to add special features that enhance Galaxy Glide NFT to increase your earnings

  • Gaming

    What Is JIMNGAME (JIMN)? JIMNGAME (JIMN) offers limited NFT collection and expansion into Gaming, Web3, and the Metaverse. JIMN tokens are used to upgrade NFT spacecrafts called Galaxy Glides. JIMNGAME (JIMN) is an Integrated Blockchain Game with Space Galaxy Missions. JIMNGAME is P2E space galaxy expedition game that's allows investors and gamers to earn JIMN and compete in weekly leaderboard tournaments. JIMNGAME is fueled by JIMN and has 2 limited NFT collections that consist of Mythical and Demi-God edition.

  • Governance

    JIMN holders can propose and vote to determine the platform’s future development

    tokens are the first cryptocurrencies to represent voting on a blockchain by distributing the power of making major platform decisions from a centralized structure to an entire community


$JIMN “V2" is the core to all utilities on JimmyNeutronGame. You can vote and discover your identity in the JIMN ecosystem.


Upcoming Features


JIMN character NFT with Valuable and New Feature Staking and Governance
Upcoming Features